Crystallographic Resolution versus R factor

Ethan A Merritt merritt at
Sat Feb 27 22:40:15 EST 1993

In article <111680 at> satish at (Satish Nair) writes:
>Along these lines, does anyone know of an easy way to produce graphs of
>R-factor vs. resolution (i.e. Luzzatti plots) without having to use
>Mathematica?  Thanks,

	Commonly available graphing routines that spring to mind include
gnuplot (available via ftp from lots of places) and CURVY from the CCP4
crystallographic package. Either one will plot nice axes, etc, and take
the data points from a simple ascii file.  CURVY has the annoying feature
for this particular case that it won't invert the x axis (which gives
a "backwards" Luzzati plot) but otherwise works fine.

				Ethan A Merritt
				merritt at

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