Grid Screen crystallization kit

Mon Jan 11 12:33:07 EST 1993

Here is another response to my inquiry about the Grid Screen kit.

Gregg Wells
Department of Pathology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
email:  pathology at


Re: Grid Screen kits from Hampton Research

I have tried the equivalent of the "quick screen" kit sold by Hampton Research.
We had the reference to the method before the company started marketing the
kit so we just made up all of our solutions and set up 50 conditions
as outlined.  One protein yielded beautiful crystal that diffract to 2A, the
other has not yet crystallized.  My coworkers have also had success with
this method so I would highly recommend it as a quick way to see if the protein 
crystallizes.  A post doc in our lab also set up a simple neural net based
program that will take the results of the screen and predict what you should
try next (outlined in the paper by Jancarik and Kim).  No one has made
much use of this.  We just did the guessing by hand and it worked.  Give it
a try.

Evelyn Jabri
Cornell University

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