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Kay Diederichs dikay at
Fri Jan 22 03:33:22 EST 1993

ez005078 at MIZAR.UCDAVIS.EDU writes:

>Are there any persons using the program 'o' on a SGI machine? I have 
>some querries on the makefile - failure to compile. The version I'm
>using was written for an EVS machine running a bsd4.3 Unix system. Seems
>that I need to determine equivalent libraries, files, paths etc. If some-
>one has already solved this problem & would like to share the info pl.
>contact me, thanks.
>            Joe Maxwell

I tried personal e-mail but it bounced. Here is the reply I tried to send:
Dear Joe,
we are using o5.7 on our 4d/210vgx under irix 4.0.5.
We do not have source code for o, only for some supplementary programs
like 'mappage'  and others in /usr/people/o/export_source. The executable
of the main o program was in /usr/people/o/bin/4d_ono_5.7  .  
If you want to run 'make' in /usr/people/o/export_source, you could
change 'makefile' the following way: this is the result of
'diff makefile makefile_orig' -
< FCOMP = f77
< FLINK = f77
< LIBS  = /dev/disk2/ccp4/lib/libccp4.a
< BIN   = /usr/people/o/bin/
> FCOMP = f77 -systype bsd43
> FLINK = f77 -systype bsd43
> LIBS  = /nfs/castor/local/ccp4/LIB/ccplibs.a
> BIN   = /usr/people/alwyn/a/bin/
As you see, this is the most straightforward change. I had to ftp the CCP4
package first, however. You can probably get around this, if you use a
local version of mappage (we do). Hope this helps - Kay
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