Which system for 3D graphics (FRODO/CHAIN/O)

hudel at ssrl01.slac.stanford.edu hudel at ssrl01.slac.stanford.edu
Tue Jan 26 15:09:45 EST 1993

I am looking for comments on "which way to go" for 3d graphics.  We have the
option of buying:
		(1) an ESV 10 (moderate educ. discount)
		(2) an SGI Elan (good educ. discount)
		(3) a DEC Alpha (excellent educ. discount)

We will be using mostly FRODO/CHAIN (density fitting) with an occasional
"O"-session (modelling).  We would like to have full-screen stereo.

Now since there are working versions of FRODO, CHAIN and O for the ESV
I would be inclined to get an ESV, unfortunately the E&S quote I got makes
the ESV twice as expensive as the SGI or the DEC Alpha.

Now my questions are:
		(1) How do SGI FRODO/O compare with their ESV counterparts?
		(2) Do you know of anyone porting FRODO/O to the DEC Alpha?
		(3) Is anyone out there using "O" on a DECstation 5000?
		(4) Are there any other graphics systems we should check out?

I'll post a summary if there are enough responses.  Thanks, Hudel

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