Which system for 3D graphics (FRODO/CHAIN/O)

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In article <C1I653.5LA at demon.co.uk>, James Petts <pettsj at visigoth.demon.co.uk> writes:
|> In article <1993Jan26.120945.1 at ssrl01.slac.stanford.edu> ,
|> hudel at ssrl01.slac.stanford.edu writes:
|> >I am looking for comments on "which way to go" for 3d graphics.  We have
|> the
|> >option of buying:
|> I wont give answers to your specific questions at the end, but all the 
|> macromolecular xtallographers I know tend to prefer E&S for the display 
|> quality.
|>  ===> James Petts <===

James, you don't know all of them. I would suggest that anyone who wants to 
purchase a piece of hardare shall get all the systems of choice on-hand in 
demoing own data. I have seen people who were entirely satisfied with 
the 'less optimal' display, and others who went for big to buy the 
top-of-the line model from whatever vendor. Make also sure that the 
hardware you tend to buy  is still supported; I wouldn't recommend to 
buy something which is more than two years old in technology. That does
also apply for software - make sure that the product you want to use justifies
to become familiar with and is able to support the most recent applications
which might become available with the years. Another aspect is the CPU 
performance and upgradability. Last, ask your colleagues in your ultimate 
neighborhood which hard- and software they use. Nothing is worse than a 
collaborator who has the best graphics on the block but unfortunately 
uses a software/hardware combination noone else is knows how to use. Last,
do not buy a hardware/software in beta status unless you can cope with 
its challenges. 

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