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>Where can I obtain CHRYSCHEM plates for protein crystallization experiments?
>I couldn+t find a valid address of Cryschem Inc. in Riverside, California USA.
>Thanks in advance
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>Max-Planck Research Units for
>Structural Molecular Biology                        Phone:   (040) 891314
>c/o DESY,Hamburg, Germany                             FAX:   (040) 891314

Try the Charles Supper Company in Natick, MA (USA).  The fax number is
(508) 655-3913.  They are the exclusive distributor for the Cryschem
plate.  You might also want to try Micro-Bridges, a specially designed
bridge which fits neatly into any 24 well tissue culture plate.  You can
obtain Micro-Bridges from Crystal Microsystems (ENGLAND) and their fax
is (UK 865-200327).  In the U.S.A. Micro-Bridges are available from
Hampton Research (fax: 909-789-8265).

Another option is to make your own glass sitting drop posts (see Stura
and Wilson "Analytical and Production Seeding Techniques" Methods, A
Companion to Methods in Enzymology Vol. 1, No. 1 pp. 38-49 1990.  A
similar glass rod is available from Perpetual Systems Corp. (USA) and
the fax number is (301) 770 6123.

Goo luck!  Bob Cudney  (cudney at          

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