display of PROTEIN dn6 file in "CHAIN" program

Thu Jul 15 13:23:53 EST 1993

Help needed from the "chain" users:

   Has anybody tried in "chain" to bring up a density map computed 
   after PROTEIN and MAPAGE?
   1) This test.dn6 file was created on VAX using PROTEIN & MAPAGE
   2) Then ftp to unix (sgi 4d/35) with binary flag ON
   3) Then the dn6 file was converted to a chain map file (test.1) using
      the vax_map utility program. 
   4) Then the map program was invoked in chain(which gives error reading file)
      and the following script sumerises the problem that I have. 
   I am unable to display any density. I have NO problem displaying a map 
   produced from X-PLOR program. I would appreciate if any one who is using 
   protein (of Prof. Steigemann) maps in "chain" could help me.

   sathya (SATHYA at NCIFCRF.GOV)  
   (Dr. B.K. Sathya, Macromol Struct. lab, NCI-FCRDC, Frederick, MD 21702)
   (301- 846 5031)
miris % chain -ng
          (C) 1991, Baylor College of Medicine
Welcome to Program CHAIN (Version 5.5)
WARNING - Opening USER file: /usr/people/sathya/chain.cmd                 
WARNING - no graphics will be used                                         
Session file >> test
Orthogonal Position :   24.85   12.29   24.50                              
Opening coordinate file : test.atm                                         
ERROR - Spacegroup not found in dictionary         
Read  1084 atoms in   257 residues                                         
CHAIN >> map
Map number [8] >> 1
MAP_1 >> file
MAP_1: file name [test.1] >> 
MAP_1 >> read
<< Reading in external electron density map >>
MAP_1: Source density file >> test.1
MAP_1: Source format >> protein

ERROR - while reading map record                                           

ERROR - while reading map record                                           

ERROR - reading density file information                                   
MAP_1>> current
Map 1 ON         Color: BLUE                   File: test.1               
Style: NORMAL Level:   10.00 Cover:    1.00                                
 Volume:   10.00   10.00   10.00                                          

CHAIN >> end
End of Program CHAIN

(when I run this on a workstation, I get " no desity displayed" after issuing
 the "show" command)

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