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>Does anyone out there know how to determine cavity location and 
>cavity volumes in proteins?  I was told that the Conolly MS program 
>was needed and obtained a copy from QCPE.  
>I have not figured out how to determine internal cavity locations 
>and volumes with the output I get from MS.  In the manual there is 
>an obscure reference to "unit vectors normal to surface pointing 
>outward" that are required for volume measurement, but nothing 
>beyond that.  Is there a separate program for reading the "long" 
>output file so that cavity locations and volumes can be determined?
>I would like to be able to give a location of each cavity, i.e. the 
>coordinate of the center of the cavity and its size in cubic 
>Thanks in advance for whatever help you can be.  
>Terry Gray  
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There is a much newer and bug-free package from Michael
Connolly that is "out". It is a package of different
programs bundled under the name "Molecular Surface
Package". A full description just appeared in:

Michael Connolly (1993) The Molecular Surface Package,
J. Mol. Graphics. Vol.11 (June 1993) pp 139-141.

The price is $850 for non profit, $1500 for non profit
abroad and $5000 for commercial users.
The address to ask for it is:

M. Connolly
2269 Chestnut street #279
San Francisco CA 94123 -USA-

The program pqms of the package calculates the cavities
as well as their volumes.
The program trb allows to triangulate the surface and
import the vectors into a visualization software package.

I hope this is useful

Jean-Yves Sgro

Institute for Molecular Virology
Madison Wi 53706 -USA-

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