scaling low resolution data

hudel at hudel at
Thu Jul 29 02:24:44 EST 1993

In article <CAGt1L.JMA at>, grand at (Gregers Andersen) writes:
> I am processing data with max resolution 10 A. Processing images
> with DENZO  works ok, but attempting to scale the files together
> with ROTAVATA results in higly fluctuating B values, while the 
> scale factors seems more appropriate. Part of the problem is possibly
> that there are not that many reflections at all.
> But can anyone think of reasons why rotavata shouldn't be suitable for
> the job, or are there more general problems in scaling low resolution
> data. At least Wilson statistics doesn't hold beyond 4.5 A.
> Can anyone think of a better program to scale such data than rotavata?
> Any help or comments are aprreciated
> Gregers        
Try running ROTAVATA with BREFINE OFF, a single linear scale factor seems more
appropriate for the data you're describing.

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