Program CHAIN distribution

Skywalker skywalke at
Fri Jun 4 15:05:36 EST 1993

Dear Colleague,

Due to the increasing volume of work involved in maintaining and updating
the program CHAIN and with the speed of introduction of new operating systems
from the manufacturers we regret that we must make the following changes to our
distribution policy:

The program CHAIN will no longer be updated on a regular basis by this
laboratory. We will continue to distribute the program on an "AS IS"
basis. The program will be updated periodically however we regret that   
software bugs and/or any other undocumented features will no longer be 
corrected on a regular basis nor will custom versions be offered. 

All CHAIN correspondance is to be directed only to: 

Baylor College of Medicine
c/o Timothy Reynolds or Dr. Andrew Sharff
The laboratory of Florante A. Quiocho
One Baylor Plaza
Houston, Texas 77030

E-Mail skywalker at or skywalker at
       andrew at    or andrew at

Dr. J.S. Sack will no longer accept any correspondance regarding 
the program CHAIN. 


Timothy B. Reynolds

"You can either proffit from this or be destroyed, it's your choice"
                                             -Luke Skywalker

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