Crystalliztion machine

Jerry N. Alexandratos alexandr at
Tue Jun 8 09:12:48 EST 1993

In article <NAKAGAWA.93JUN8101226 at> nakagawa at writes:
>I am interested in a crystallization machine which is used to survey 
>conditions of crystallization of proteins.

Try:  ICN Biomedicals, Inc.  Diagnostics Division,  Micromedic Instruments
	3300 Hyland Ave.  Costa Mesa, CA  92626
		(714) 545-0113 or (800) 523-2450


		Douglas Instruments, Ltd.  25J Thames House,
			140 Battersea Park Road, London  SW11 4NB 
				44-1-738-8226 or -8227  (includes Eng country code 44)

				I hate competition, b
				Jerry.   u

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