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Subject: Crystalliztion machine

You can find a review on available machines with the contact address to get further information, "Automating crystallizaion experiments" by K. B. Ward et al. in th
e chapter 13 of ""Crystallizaion of Nucleic Acids and Proteins : A Practical Appoarch"" eds. by A. Ducruix and R. Giege (1991) IRL Press ISBN 0-19-963245-6 and 0-19-963246-4 (pbk.).
ICN machine seems good reproductivity for well established hanging drop methods using Libro culture dish however not fully automated with some limitation of the number of mixing solution.  Anyway these machine usually need more protein sample than manual.
  There is a small batch system such as IMPAX which is available from Rigaku in Japan or Cryschem according to the book.

Masashi Miyano
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Subject: Crystalliztion machine
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I am interested in a crystallization machine which is used to survey 
conditions of crystallization of proteins.

I will be very happy if someone knows it (or has any experiences).

Atsushi Nakagawa
Photon Factory, KEK

e-mail : nakagawa at

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