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this is the user registration form of the new program SHELXL-93, which
was oficially released last week in Goettingen/Germany at a Workshop.

Peter Fuhrmann     fuhrmann at

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SHELXL-93 USER REGISTRATION FORM            | Do not write here !
--------------------------------            | Date sent:
Title/Name:                                 | Version:
Full postal address:
                                            EMAIL address (if available):


Please tick ALL relevant boxes, sign and return to: Prof. George Sheldrick,
Institut fuer Anorg. Chemie, Tammannstrasse 4, D-37077 Goettingen, Germany.
Fax: +49-551-393373;   Email: gsheldr @
SHELXL-93 is supplied ONLY on MSDOS format diskettes, in the form of self-
extracting packed files containing MSDOS executables and sources for UNIX
and VMS systems, documentation and test data.  The programs PDBINS (PDB to
SHELXL format conversion) and CIFTAB (tables from SHELXL CIF output) are
included.  The license fee of DM 4999 for for-profit institutions covers
use for an unlimited time on an unlimited number of computers at a specified
firm or institution at a single geographical site.  SHELXL-93 is currently
available free of charge to academics for non-commercial use only; it may
prove necessary to change this policy if the license fees for for-profit
institutions fail to cover the total costs involved.  Academic institutions
willing and able to contribute to the costs of developing and distributing
the SHELX programs are of course welcome to do so (we suggest DM 99).
Please make out checks to "Institut fuer Anorg. Chemie, Prof. Sheldrick".
If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer please ask us to send an invoice.
[ ] I wish to license SHELXL-93 for use at the following for-profit firm or
institution.  I agree that within three months I will either destroy all
copies of the program in my possession or pay the license fee of DM 4999.

[ ] The program will be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes at the
following not-for-profit institution only:

[ ] Please send me an invoice for DM

[ ] Please send me a receipt for the enclosed payment of DM

[ ] I agree to cite SHELXL-93 in all publications reporting results obtained
using it.

[ ] I accept that the author has no liabilities in respect of errors in the
programs and documentation.

Please supply SHELXL-93 on [ ] 1.44 MB, [ ] 1.2 MB, [ ] either 1.2 or 1.44
MB MSDOS diskettes.  [ ] I already possess a copy of SHELXL-93.

  Signed:                                      Date:

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