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> I am interested in a crystallization machine which is used to survey 
> conditions of crystallization of proteins.
If you are looking for a "cheap" system for preparing the well solutions,
and drops use :

	- a standard Gilson Autosampler with
	  motor driven syringes, connected
	  to an external computer.

Described by T.J. Oldfield, T.A. Ceska and R.L. Brady
	     J. Appl. Cryst. 24, 255-260.

We use the system at EMBL for preparing the incomplete factorial
screen and optimizing of the found condition. And preparing pH
and precipitant gradients. 
The greasing of the trays , (preparation of the drops) and turning 
of the coverslip is still done manually.

> I will be very happy if someone knows it (or has any experiences).
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