Program for making .DSN2 files for FRODO

James Clifton clifton at
Tue Jun 15 11:48:19 EST 1993

Hello all,

We use a program called SAMAIN to make .DSN2 coordinate files for FRODO.
I was wondering if anyone knows whether I can get the source code for
this program: Our version of SAMAIN will not take input from the command file 
(VMS machines) that attempts to execute it in BATCH mode. Instead, a file
(FOR002.DAT if I remember correctly) gets created, and then the batch job
just sits there. Furthermore, if I direct SYS$INPUT to come from a file before
running SAMAIN from an interactive command procedure, SAMAIN still looks
for input from the keyboard.

I was hoping to change the program to accept input from whatever the user
has chosen as standard input (FORTRAN Unit 5 or equivalent). Unfortunately, we
only have the executable....

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Jim Clifton       clifton at

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