indirect Frodo input.

Mark A. Saper saper at ELMO.BIOP.UMICH.EDU
Tue Jun 15 15:43:22 EST 1993

Regarding Jim Clifton's suggested enhancement to Frodo:

While in Don Wiley's lab in 1988 I made two modifications to the Ver 6.6 
PSFRODO (HHMI/Rice/Bush/Jones et al.): (1) Input was taken from logical 
SYS$INPUT so the input stream can be redefined for running commands in a 
command file such as:

        $ RUN SAMAIN
        $ EXIT

(2) This same routine was also modified to accept commands from an alternative 
input stream with the syntax, i.e. @<filename>.cmd.  This option was extremely 
useful for displaying and editing complicated MOL objects (see the HLA paper in 
JMB in 1991).  Both of these routines required changes to only the low level 
input routine.

The first change above was also made to the Tom/Frodo PS390 version by deleting
one line from the main routine PSFROD.FOR kindly provided by Alwyn Jones.

To use this routine you need to have all of the essential modules and block 
data files to relink.  None of the other source is necessary.  

In order for me to redistribute any of the above routines (the changes are 
trivial)  you must contact whomever you obtained the program from and have them 
e-mail me their okay.

Best regards, Mark
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