Molscript and encapsulated postscript.

Adrian Goldman, BTK x8029 GOLDMAN at ALA.BTK.UTU.FI
Sun Jun 20 06:59:00 EST 1993

Does anyone know of a PC or MAC-based program that will allow one to
import an encapsulated postscript file produced by Molscript?  The
Molscript manual implies that it might be possible but I have had no
success at all.  (Well, I've been able to import into WordPerfect, but
I wanted to get it into a drawing program!)

So far I have dried CorelDraw 2.5 on a PC and a couple of programs on the
MAC including Aldus Freehand.  Most of the programs just die: the ones
that don't, don't display anything. 

     Any help would be much! appreciated.


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