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Mon Jun 21 12:56:36 EST 1993

I believe many of us spend time re-inventing the wheel.  That is, someone
has a good solution to a technical problem (rebuilt fiaments for example)
but there is not good way to discuss the issue.  This news system is a 
start but, I believe those of us responsible for the maintenance and 
operation of X-ray generators and related equipment should meet at a 
symposium and discuss these matters.  I have been using the rebuilt 
filaments for several years and have tried to publish that fact in 
several journals.  I was turned down because the journals only want 
to talk about applied science.  I think there are many topics and many
new items on the market that could be discussed and these discussions could
lead to savings in money and effort.  

If anyone is interested in such a symposium please let me know.  I will be 
glad to manage it.

subjects might be:

crystal cooling
camera alignment
flash freezing of crystals
vacuum technology  (dry, clean, roughing pumps)
inexpensive turbo pump replacements
cooling water
pilot/warning light substitutes that last forever

and more.

I would have vendors here to show you their wares, invited speakers, and 
plenty of workshop and/or open discussion time.

We might even work in a trip to Atlantic City for those of you needing the 
hard sell.

If interested, contact me.  

Dick Leidich

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