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>  >We have BSD printing running on our indigo and want to print from within
>  >Insight.  When I invoke the print option of Insight, no printers are
>  >listed in the printers XmList which means I can't select a printer to
>  >print to.  How do I print from within Insight???

> Insight uses the SysV spooler so you have to
> define a SysV printer to print from Insight.

> There are several mechanisms to fake out the
> sysV spooler to print to a BSD printer, the
> simplest being a shell script called "lp"
> that simply renames options and prints with
> "lpr".

Are we talking about insightII from Biosym Tech? If so, edit your file
printer_info in the $INSIGHT_HELP directory and add a line for each
printer you want to see in the chooser.

printer_name print_command [,print_command]

e.g. : g316 lpr -s -P%P %F

where %P will be expand as the name of the printer and %F the name of
the file. See System Guide 7-1

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