Molscript and encapsulated postscript.

Craig Marshall craigm at
Tue Jun 22 21:20:08 EST 1993

The trouble is that on a Mac the file type is set to text and so
programs do not see the file as EPSF. The fix is to ftp (or whatever)
your file onto your Mac, and then use Resedit. If you open the file
from within Resedit and choose the Get Info for ... from the File menu
and then change the type from text to EPSF (case probably important)
and then save, the file should now be seen as an epsf file to Mac

Adrian Goldman, BTK x8029 (GOLDMAN at ALA.BTK.UTU.FI) wrote:

> Does anyone know of a PC or MAC-based program that will allow one to
> import an encapsulated postscript file produced by Molscript?  The
> Molscript manual implies that it might be possible but I have had no
> success at all.  (Well, I've been able to import into WordPerfect, but
> I wanted to get it into a drawing program!)

> So far I have dried CorelDraw 2.5 on a PC and a couple of programs on the
> MAC including Aldus Freehand.  Most of the programs just die: the ones
> that don't, don't display anything. 

>      Any help would be much! appreciated.

>                Adrian

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