I need programs for diffractometers

Xray xray at ibch.siobc.msk.su
Thu Jun 17 09:33:54 EST 1993

     Dear Colleagues,

          For a long time I am using in my lab the diffractometer of Syntex/
     Nocolett/Siemens P1 and P3 which are controlling with Data General
     NOVA 1200 computer. Software for data collection is rather old as
     computer are and has no the features which modern programs have.
     One of the procedure I'd like to improve for more reliable work is
     autoindexing procedure. Also I am interesting in process of automatic
     determination of space group for diffractometers to add it to our
          My questions are :
          Is there any opportunity to get texts (FORTRAN, C, may be any other
     language) of good autoindexing program and any program of automatic
     space group determination for installation them on any computers other
     than NOVA 1200 (IBM PC, Eclipse, VAX for instance) ? Is it possible to
     do such acquisitions free of charge ?
          Use for reply please one of three addresses (or all three) :

                ydf at ibch.siobc.msk.su
                ydf at spec.siobc.msk.su
                ydfon at biotec.msk.su

          I'd be very thankful to everyone for the help.

          Yuri D. Fonarev,

          Science researcher,
          Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry
          Russian Academy of Sciences

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