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=I believe many of us spend time re-inventing the wheel.  That is, someone
=crystal cooling
=flash freezing of crystals

        Both of the above topics have been discussed at sessions at
        the national American Crystallographic Association meetings
        in the last few years. 

=camera alignment, vacuum technology, inexpensive turbo pump replacements,
=interlocks, cooling water, safety, pilot/warning light substitutes that 
=last forever

        And these topics are always coming up in informal
        discussions during these meetings.  If you're not attending
        these meetings, you're missing out on a huge resource of
        ideas, research, materials, and instrumentation.  I often
        get as much out of talking to all the vendors at the show
        than I do from the scientific sessions.  I don't think
        there's a particular need for ANOTHER meeting of

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