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Tue Jun 29 13:02:42 EST 1993

In article <29JUN199312232188 at>, daniels at (Lee M. Daniels) writes:
>In article <2645.2c25be14 at>, leidich at writes...
>=I believe many of us spend time re-inventing the wheel.  That is, someone
>=crystal cooling
>=flash freezing of crystals
>        Both of the above topics have been discussed at sessions at
>        the national American Crystallographic Association meetings
>        in the last few years. 
>=camera alignment, vacuum technology, inexpensive turbo pump replacements,
>=interlocks, cooling water, safety, pilot/warning light substitutes that 
>=last forever
>        And these topics are always coming up in informal
>        discussions during these meetings...
>        ...I don't think there's a particular need for ANOTHER 
>        meeting of crystallographers. 

In some ways I agree with this point.  However, a forum for the discussion 
of such topics could be very useful.  My wife is currently taking part in an 
electronic conference that seems to be working out fairly well.  Might we 
consider something like that?

-Lynn  (rardin at

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