Protein conformations

Tue Mar 2 20:42:24 EST 1993

> While protonation is important in structure as well,
> does anyone know of two structures of identical sequence
> and pH/ligands having different structures?

The native state of a protein can best be described as a
collection of conformations of similar free energy.  If you
pull up structures from the Protein DAta Bank that were
determined by nmr, you will find that each file contains
multiple structures.  If you put these on your favorite
graphics workstation, you will find several areas where the
structures overlap almost completely.  Other areas will show
little agreement.  There are areas of disorder, ie, multiple

There is also the classic case of carboxypeptidase where the
solution conformation is different from the crystal state.
The kinemage demo disc contains a nice illustration of this.

Jim Cassatt

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