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Diane Hope Peapus peapud at
Tue Mar 9 10:00:42 EST 1993

>I have just started a PhD in Protein Crystallography and I was wondering
>whether I could pick some brains. 
	Well, if you have to enslave yourself to years of servitude, then I 
suppose protein crystallography is a good reason to do it.  :)

>I am looking for recently published texts or papers on the subject of
>growing macromolecular crystals, with a slant to the practical aspects
>and/or a review of the various techniques that are being successfully used.
	There have been bi-annual meetings "Crystallization of Biological
Macromolecules" and proceedings have been published in J Crystal Growth. 
volume 90 was proceedings from 1988 conference in France.  Vol 110 was
proceedings from 1990 conference in Washington DC.  1992 conference was in
Germany, but I didnt' get the proceedings yet and I havent' read that
journal in a while.  1994 conference will be in California somewhere.  A
definite MUST. 
	To buy the proceedings from the publisher is very costly...US$265, 
but if you go to the conference you get the pre-print price of about US$50.

			Have Fun,
				diane at

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