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Here are some of the most important references on macromolecule crystallization-
Preparation & Analysis of Protein Crystals by Alexander McPherson (Krieger

Crystallization of Nucleic Acids & Proteins:  A Practical Approach  by 
	A. Ducruix & R. Giege

Protein & Nucleic Acid Crystallization         Methods: A Companion to Methods
	in Enzymology Vol1 No.1 8/1990  Ed. Charles Carter

Crystallization of Membrane Proteins  ed by Harmut Michel

All of these books are available from one source---Hampton Research in Riverside Calif.    phone: 909/789-8932.  This company specializes in supplies for 
macromolecule crystallizations---so you might want to request a catalog from 
them too.  

Good Luck!

Annie Hassell
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