Who gets synchrotron beam time?

Tue Mar 9 10:18:00 EST 1993

I'd like to start a PUBLIC discussion on the following general question:

*** How should synchrotron beam time for data collection be allocated? ***

As I understand it now, beamlines have advisory groups that review, score and
rank proposals.  Scoring might be done on scientific merit, demonstrating
that synchrotron radiation would be helpful, preliminary results, etc.  This
makes sense to me.

But how about these scenarios: 

A group has 5 days of beam time.  They use up all their crystals in the
first 4 days and decide to go home.  Who gets the unused day and how is 
this decided?   What if the unused time was 2 days? 12 hours? 6 hours?

A group has 5 days of beam time for Project X.  They use 2 days for Project X
and 3 days on an unreviewed project.  Is this OK?

A group applies for beam time for Project X at 5 different synchrotrons and
gets time on 4 of them.  Is it ethical to use all 4 sessions?

A group doesn't like their score and ranking.  What should the appeal
process be?

Any other comments and leading questions are welcome.

Jim Pflugrath
<pflugrath at cshl.org>

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