Porting software to OpenVMS AXP platform

Dave Love d.love at dl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 11 06:53:25 EST 1993

[Sorry to post this, but I can't concoct a return address from the

>>>>> On 10 Mar 93 10:32:38 GMT, hudel at px1 said:

 > We just got our first Alpha this week and so far I've only ported MOSFLM and
 > CCP4 to run on it...  

I'm keen to know what was necessary for the CCP4 port.  Well, if I'm
not, I should be :-).


Thank you for your interest in CCP4.

 Secretary to CCP4         | Telephone: (+44) 925 603530  (direct line) 
 SERC Daresbury Laboratory |            (+44) 925 603000  (switchboard)
 Warrington WA4 4AD        | Facsimile: (+44) 925 603100
 UK                        | e-mail:    ccp4 at daresbury.ac.uk

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