R. Lynn Rardin rardin at binah.cc.brandeis.edu
Wed Mar 17 11:18:51 EST 1993

In article <1o7fq3INNla9 at bio5.chemie.uni-freiburg.de>, vonrhein at bio5.chemie.uni-freiburg.de (Clemens Vonrhein) writes:
>Does anybody know, how I can get the software-package SQUASH ?
>The email-adress I have (KAM at LAUE.MBI.UCLA.EDU) seems to be wrong.
>Any help will be useful.
>Thanks Clemens Vonrhein

I believe someone in our lab tried out a copy of SQUASH that was obtained from 
Molecular Structure Corporation, located in Houston, Texas (713-363-1033).  
I'm not sure if they're able to sell it abroad, though.  Is there a way to 
obtain this program free of charge??

-Lynn  (rardin at auriga.rose.brandeis.edu)

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