poorly diffracting crystals

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Thu Mar 18 11:43:00 EST 1993

You might want to test the ratios of your Fab:peptide mixture.  Crystals
can be greatly improved by varying the ratios of protein to ligand.  I
have recently had problems with co-crystallizing a protein with a non-
peptide inhibitor where very large crystals were obtained.  Unfortunately,
these were very mosaic & could not be used for data collection.  I was 
able to overcome this by varying the ratios of the drop used in 
crystallization.......ie...the ratio of the protein:well mixture was varied
so that I had 2:3 or 4:5  or 5:7 or 4:3 ratios....there are many possibilites
that can be tested.  I used this in conjunction with a temp. change & 
was able to get crystals that diffracted to much better resolution.

Good Luck!

Annie Hassell
Glaxo Research Institute
amh12478 at usav01.glaxo.com

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