structures by xtallography and NMR compared

Paul Laub laub at
Fri Mar 19 09:55:55 EST 1993


	Does anyone know of any comprehensive overviews of protein structure
determination by NMR as compared to that by crystallography?  I'd like to find
a comparison of what appear to be analogies between the two methods, e.g., NMR
NOESY crosspeaks and crystallographic diffraction spots, the use of simulated
annealing in fitting a polypeptide structure to the data, etc. Obviously there
are some substantial differences that make superficial similarities of little
value, yet I am hoping to apply deeper concepts of refinement, optimization,
and measurement of structural self-consistency  developed by crystallographers
to my own work, which is based in NMR.

	I am looking for an overview similar to the review by Wagner et al
("NMR Structure Determination in Solution: A Critique and Comparison with
X-Ray Crystallography") appearing in Ann. Rev. Biophys. Biomol. Struct. 1992

Please respond to me directly by email. Thanks.

Sincerely, Paul Laub

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