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>	This matter came up in a conversation the other day.  Have any 
>structures of membrane proteins been solved by crystallographic techniques?  I 
>know rhodopsin was 2-D arrays and some kind of clever electron microscopy ):-),
>but I'm asking about real crystals.  Please feel free to email, and/or point 
>me to a relevant review.  Thanks!

The structure of the reaction center has been solved by crystallographic
techniques to near-atomic resolution. The same goes for the structure
of various porins. The porins are special in a way since they don't
cross the membrane as alpha helices but form amphipathic beta barrels.
This type of membrane protein has been found so far only in the outer
membrane of bacteria and apparently also in the outer membrane of
mitochondria (although there is no direct crystallographic evidence
for the latter).

Cornelius (who is not a crystallographer).
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