New Structure for PKA

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> Subject: Re: New Structure for PKA
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> pettsj at (James Petts) writes:
> >I have just been reading with interest the publication reporting the
> >structure of the ternary complex of PKA, PKI, and ATP in the EMBO Journal
> >(12(3), 849, 1993). The article states that the coordinates have been
> >deposited at Brookhaven. Can anybody tell me what the PDB entry code for
> >this structure is, and if it is available for ftp yet?
> > ===> James Petts <===
> Often there is a considerable delay between the time that the
> coordinates are deposited at Brookhaven and their release.  I
> cannot find the new PKA structure in my database yet.
> Laura Walsh
>-- End of excerpt from Jnet%\

Correction to an earlier note which states:

> The entries that James is looking for have been placed on hold for a
> year by the depositors.  They will be available sometime in April 1994.

The entries are not on hold only the structure factors.  Corrections
are now being made to the coordinate entries and they should be available
before Friday on our FTP server.

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