Siemens area detector group user meeting

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Mon Mar 29 07:04:08 EST 1993

                                    5th Annual
                     Siemens Area Detector User Group Meeting
                                 April 28-30, 1993
                              Braunschweig, Germany
                               Preliminary Program 

Wednesday, April 28          
                             Registration, Soft- and      14:00-18:00
                             Hardware Demonstrations

Thursday, April 29
                             Registration                 08:00-09:00

D. Schomburg                 Opening Remarks              09:00-09:15

Data Collection and Quality
Paul Tucker                  Good Data. Better Data?      09:15-09:55
EMBL Heidelberg

Elspeth F. Garman            Optimising Data Quality      09:55-10:35
Oxford University, U.K.
                             Break                        10:35-11:05

Nigel Walker                 Data collection from         11:05-11:45
BASF, Ludwigshafen, Ger-     crystals of small pep-
many                         tides and low molecular
                             weight compounds

Hans Bartunik                The new GBF/MPG wiggler      11:45-12:25
DESY, Hasylab, Hamburg,      beamline at DORIS -
Germany                      First results of protein
                             data collection using an
                             online image plate scan-
                             ner at short wavelengths

James Phillips               The new Siemens System       12:25-13:05
Siemens Madison, USA         for Macromolecular Cry-
                             stallographie - HiStar
                             Detector, Platform Go-
                             niometer, SRA Generator,
                             FRAMBO, ASTRO, XPREP,
                             SAINT and SHELXTL Soft-

                             Lunch, Posters,              13:05-15:00
                             Software Demos by W. Fu-
                             rey, V. Lunin, Siemens

Eric Hovestreydt             Exciting new applicat-       15:00-15:40
Siemens, Karlsruhe, Ger-     ions with the Siemens 
many                         GADDS Area Detector -
                             From crystallinity of
                             wool to pole figures of


Gary L. Gilliland            Crystallographic Studies     15:40-16:20
CARB Rockville, U.S.A.       of the Mechanism and
                             Substrate Specificity of
                             Class MU Glutathione S-

H.-J. Hecht                  Crystal Structure of a       16:20-17:00
GBF, Braunschweig, Ger-      haloperoxidase from
many                         Streptomyces aureofa-
Dietmar Schomburg            Protein Tertiary Struc-      17:00-17:40
GBF, Braunschweig, Ger-      ture Determination for
many                         the Design of Proteins
                             with New Properties.

Friday, April 30
Yves Mueller                 Structure of pyruvate        09:00-09:40
Freiburg University          oxidase from Lactobacil-
Germany                      lus plantraum at 2.1 A
Anders Liljas                Structural analysis of       09:40-10:20
Lund University              components of the pro-
Sweden                       tein synthesis system

Emil F. Pai                  High and medium resolu-      10:20-11:00
Toronto University           tion structures: p21 and
Canada                       mercuric ion reductase

                             Break                        11:00-11:30

Jean-Claude Thierry          Data collection in the       11:30-12:10
CNRS Strasbourg, France      case of fragile crystals
                             with large cell parame-
                             ters: the case of the
                             crystallographic study
                             of tRNA synthetase com-
                             plexes in the aspartic

V. Yu. Lunin                 Electron-density-histro-     12:10-13:00
Pushchino, Russia            gram based methods for
                             phase improvement.
                             Lunch                        13:00-14:00

George Sheldrick             Refinement of high Re-       14:00-14:40
G ttingen University,        solution Macromolecular
Germany                      Structures.

Richard Engh                 Application of Energy        14:40-15:20
MPI Martinsried              Functions in Structure
Germany                      Refinement: New Conside-

The fifth Annual Siemens  User Group Meeting will be held at the Centre for Applied
Protein Engineering  in the German  national research  centre for biotechnology  in
Braunschweig from Wednesday, April 28 to Friday, April 30. 

Poster presentations and some lecture presentations by participants  are highly en-
couraged. A broad spectrum  of graphics workstations will be  available on site for
software demonstrations. Anyone  with software to demonstrate should contact  us as
soon as possible.

A registration form and  accomodation information has been forwarded to  all users.
To ensure  you get  one, please  e-mail Dietmar  Schomburg at  schomburg at venus.gbf-  or  preferably  fax at  +49-531-6181355.  Questions concerning
registration,  programs or fees  can be  answered by  Hans J rgen  Hecht (hecht at ve- Birgit Hofmann  (birgit at
or  D. Schomburg.  If you intend  to come, please  send a  registration form before
April 15.

Braunschweig  can be reached by  Intercity trains. The  nearest airport is Hannover
airport, ca. 50 km away). From  Hannover airport there is a shuttle bus to Hannover
train station, where trains for Braunschweig leave every 30-40 minutes.

                                    5th Annual
                     Siemens Area Detector User Group Meeting
                                 April 28-30, 1993
                              Braunschweig, Germany 




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Registration fee:  $ 65 or 100 DM ($ 80 or 120 DM after March 1st) per attendee.

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