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Thu May 6 03:28:28 EST 1993

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> Can anyone post to this group or e-mail to me such tricks and
> tips that I may use to get crisp, clear, sharp photographs and
> slides of protein ribbon models from a computer graphics screen.
> We are using Ribbons 2.0 by Mike Carson on an SGI 4D/320 VGX.
> Our camera is a Cannon T-60.  

What we do to get good pictures (good enough to go on the cover of our
Annual Report) is to use the snapshot(6D) utility to capture the image,
then use topict(6D) to convert it to a PICT format file. This is then
transferred onto a Macintosh, and expose this on a 35mm slide writer. If
you don't have one of these devices, most service bureaux can do the
exposure from a PICT file on a Mac disk. I have found images generated in
this way superior to *any* directly photographed from the screen, and you
also have the advantage of being able to manipulate them in something like

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