HENRIK NORSELL fm91hn at hik.se
Thu May 13 06:44:02 EST 1993

Net citizens!
This is a desperate try to save our last course in university.
We are writing a study about the Net, how it all started, about the people
living in it, however trying to explain the basics of how it all works.
That includes you, reader of this message.
We would be more than grateful if we could get your answers to the following 

1. For how many years have you known that Internet existed?
2. How often do you use the Net? (occasions per month)
3. Whatfor? (hobby, in your profession, socialy...)
4. How do you access the Net? (university, profession, friends, private...)
5. Has the Net taken over roles that other media played before? (telephone, 
   newspapers, TV, girlfriend...)
6. What newsgroups/type of information do you take part of?
7. Male or Female?
8. Age?

   If you have the time; 
9. What's your future visions about the Net? Limits and/or possibilities. 
10.How do you think/hope law and censorship will change over time ahead?

We also want to apologize for taking up so much bandwidth with this.
This request has been spread to 60 newsgroups, chosen at random, but, 
you know how it is, term end is closing up, panic spreads.
Email address: fm91hn at hik.se (or if thats busy) fm91pb at hik.se

Sincere Respect And May The Force Be With You All!
Peter & Hedda

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