Retrieving lost data

Fri May 21 07:18:03 EST 1993

	Can anyone out there help me with this problem?  We
store our x-ray diffraction data on 1Gb read/write optical
disks from a MicroVAX.  Before I had a chance to reduce my
data, someone inadvertently initialized my disk, thus removing
the header information but not the data files, from the disk.
I have a listing of the disk directory, and would like to restore
the disk.  
	We have DECUS, the DEC utility library, on line here, but
do not know the name of the utility that would restore the disk.
According to one local expert, the only way to find the proper
utility is to search every utility name, and maybe the right
one would pop out at you.  I was also told that the December 1988 
VAX Professional has a utility called undel.for that would work.
We only have the print-out of this code.
	If you have the utility undel.for on line or know of the name
of the DECUS utility, or know of any other way to restore optical 
disks after they have been re-initialized, please let me know.

Thank you, 
perozzo at 

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