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Visitor o20 at
Sat May 22 11:30:29 EST 1993

Hello USENET user!

I am a crystallographer and I am on the look out for a JOB!

        Education:      Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry

        Experience:     Small molecule and Protein Crystallography

        Relevent:       Experince in protein purification, crystalli-
                        zation, data collection and processing.
                        Structure determination by Patterson and
                        Molecular Replacement methods.  Modelling and

        Status:         Permanent Resident

        Phone:          205-934-1610 (Lab), 205-871-3926(home)
                        205-934-0480 (FAX)

        E-Mail:         raman at

Please let me know the names, phone nos, e-mail addresses of individuals
even if you don't have anything to offer!  Thanks a million in advance!


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