Tetrodotoxin Structure?

Peter Bell bell-peter at yale.edu
Fri May 21 20:27:09 EST 1993

Hello, all--

I was wondering if anyone could help me out.  when I went to our chem 
library today to try to access the Cambridge database, our inet link 
was dead.  I would really like to know if the structure for tetrodotoxin
is in the database.  TTX is a small molecule, fewer than 75 atoms total.
The most recent structures I have found were published without coordinates
in the '60s ....

If some kind soul could let me know if it is there, or even email me a copy
if you have access to the database, I'd really appreciate it-- I'd like to
have the coordinates for a talk I am giving on Tuesday.  If I don't get them,
it is not critical, but it'd be great to have both it and a related toxin,
saxitoxin, in the same format, as I already have saxitoxin.

Thanks tons,

bell at minerva.cis.yale.edu

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