Fixed bug in PSFRODO for ESV

Mark A. Saper saper at ELMO.BIOP.UMICH.EDU
Sun May 23 02:53:05 EST 1993

As I mentioned on the net before, I've discovered that there are some versions 
of PSFRODO for ESV over the last few years that have serious problems with the 
LINK command used to draw CA traces in the foreground.   Apparently some of the 
distributed executables don't have this bug (maybe these were the ones 
distributed by E&S).  

Somehow one of the routines (PROBLD) was not returning a completion code when 
called with LINK mode.  I added the one line and now it works.

For those of you who have the source and can recompile, e-mail me and I'll send 
you the fix.  For those who don't have the source, I'll send the fix back to 
the Quiocho lab, and you should call them for a new executable.  I 
unfortunately don't have authority to redistribute any of this stuff.

Good luck, Mark
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