Student Rate for Nature Conference

R. Lynn Rardin rardin at
Wed Nov 3 10:27:23 EST 1993

After negotiations, the staff at Nature have agreed to institute a special 
student rate for the Nature Conference on Structural Biology, Thursday and 
Friday November 11 and 12, 1993, at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.  All 
students and postdocs. are eligible for this special rate of $75 to attend the 
conference.  This does not include accommodations and travel, of course.  To 
obtain this rate, students should telephone Diane Berger at the Nature office 
in New York, 212-477-9699.  Speakers at the meeting include Janet Thornton, 
Cyrus Chothia, Wayne Hendrickson, Dagmar Ringe, Kurt Wuthrich, Don Wiley, Tom 
Creighton, Hans Deisenhofer, Nigel Unwin, Ken Holmes, Greg Petsko, Steve 
Harrison, Aaron Klug, Steve Burley, Flo Quiocho and John Kuriyan.

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