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Ralf Grosse Kunstleve ralf at
Tue Nov 23 10:44:08 EST 1993

>   Matt Harrington (mbh at sdphu1.uucp) wrote:
>   : Hello!
>   [stuff about VMS/UNIX deleted]
>   : We'd like to get a few Macs to run Word, Excel, etc.  Has anyone had
>   : a good experience running MacX to emulate an X terminal?  It seems 
>   : painfully slow.  What are the arguments in favor of having PCs
>   : that run Windows or NT?  How about PCs and LINUX?
>   I agree with you on MacX: it is one of the worst programs I have ever
>   seen for the Mac. Unfortunately I have never seen any of the other
>   X server programs for the Mac (look in the X FAQ for a list) so I can't
>   comment on them. What is a really impressive program, though, is eXceed
>   (I think that's the name :-) for PCs which implements an X server under
>   Windows. I guess that you will need a 486 for adequate speed, though.
>   --Cornelius.

MacX is not a bad program. We are quite lucky, *but* what you need at
*minimum* is a Quadra and a 3-button mouse (yes, you can buy a 3-button
mouse for a Mac).

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