crystal dyes

Brian M Burkhart bburkhar at
Tue Nov 30 18:49:31 EST 1993

Many thanks to all who replied to my inquiry regarding possible organic dyes
to be used to test crystals for protein or salt.

The responses were quite varied but most felt that this was not a wise thing
to do.  The responses suggested everything from testing the strength of the
crystals (proteins make weak crystals, salt doesn't) to the obvious "just
throw it up in the beam".  Greg Petsko gave the best advice, by suggesting
a test shoot in the beam with a rotation picture.

I was aware of these methods, but was curious if others had heard of using dyes.

Two responses suggested actual dyes: crystal violet and methyl violet.

I tried both of these and learned nothing, so I believe that the "beam test"
will simply have to do.

Brian Burkhart

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