Fast decaying x-ray scintillator materials

Charles E. Schmelz chip at pangea.Stanford.EDU
Sat Nov 27 00:39:48 EST 1993

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Subject: Fast decaying scintillator materials
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Keywords: x-ray, scintillator materials, decay time, medical, imaging,
cerium,leutetium, stopping distance, photon counting, pulse discrimination

        I need information on materials suitable for use as x-ray detectors. 
I am looking for the following qualities: a scintillation decay time of <50ns,
a high density (stopping distance of <.5 inch, the scintillator should be 
fairly planar), and useful at low energies (20-100keV). The literature I am 
familiar with mostly discusses materials suitable for synchrotron applications,
I am looking for things more useful in medical imaging.
        If you know of any relevant papers, I would appreciate it if you could
send me the reference or a reprint. I can be reached at

Charles E. Schmelz  chip at  

1121 Hopkins Ave. 
Redwood City, CA 94062

        Thank you in advance for your time.

Charles Schmelz

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