Rudy Ziegler rudy at utirc.utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 8 10:12:21 EST 1993

Program_Name: atomtv
Program_Version: 1.1
Program_Date: November 1993
Topic: atomic trajectories
Input_Format: cartesian coordinates
Molecular_Model: shaded spheres
Output_Type: display, sgi rgb images, rayshade scene description
Operating_System: Irix
Computer_Type: SGI (tested on Indigo^2 Extreme and 4D70GT, should run on others)Graphic_Library: GL
Distribution_Method: public_domain
Ftp_Site: ftp.utirc.utoronto.ca
Ftp_Directory: pub/atomtv
Contact_Affiliation: University of Toronto Instructional and Research Computing
Contact_Name: Rudy Ziegler
Contact_Email: rudy at utirc.utoronto.ca

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