Mac MACATOMS 3.3.0

Hilary Jones hilary at
Tue Nov 9 14:11:45 EST 1993

Program_Name: MacAtoms
Program_Version: 3.3.0
Program_Date: 10/24/93
Topic: solids, crystals, molecules ....
Input_Format: MacAtoms (x,y,z)
Output_Format: MacAtoms (x,y,z)
Molecular_Model: ball sans stick
Output_Type: display, PostScript, PICT
Operating_System: Mac (System 4.1 or later)
Computer_Type: Macintosh
Hardware_Requested: none
Hardware_Supported: All models of Macintosh
Graphic_Library: QuickDraw (preferably color QuickDraw)
Distribution_Method: freeware
Ftp_Site: none
Ftp_Directory: none
Price_Academic: free
Price_Private: free
Contact_Affiliation: Sandia National Labs, California
Contact_Name: Hilary D. Jones
Contact_Phone: (510) 294-2892, (510) 837-8958
Contact_Fax: (510) 294-1225
Contact_Email: hilary at

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