Peter Fluekiger flukiger at
Mon Nov 8 04:22:39 EST 1993

Program_Name: MOLEKEL
Program_Version: 2.1
Program_Date: Summer '93 
Topic: organic, inorganic, organometallic, proteins
Topic: visualization of computational results (orbitals, density, mep, dynamics)
Bibliographic_Ref: CrossCuts 2 (1993), p. 4 (Newsletter of the Swiss Scientific
Bibliographic_Ref:                           Computing Center)
Input_Format: PDB, Gaussian-, DeMon-, ExtHuc-, Charmm-, and other output files
Output_Format: PDB and surface description files
Molecular_Model: wire, stick, stick_and_ball, CPK, surfaces
Output_Type: display, SGI-rasterfile
Operating_System: Unix
Computer_Type: SGI-workstation (from Indy to RE2)
Graphic_Library: GL
Distribution_Method: commercial, soon a free version with reduced functionality
Ftp_Site (for reduced version and images): (
Ftp_Directory: /pub/CSCS/graphics/molekel
Price_Academic: sFr. 500.-  ($ 350.-)
Price_Private:  sFr. 5000.- ($ 3500.-)
Contact_Affiliation: Swiss Scientific Computing Center
Contact_Name: Dr. Peter F. Fluekiger
Contact_Phone: +41-91-50 82 05
Contact_Fax:   +41-91-50 67 11
Contact_Email: flukiger at

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