Don Gregory Don_Gregory at MSI.COM
Sat Nov 20 12:02:58 EST 1993

Program_Name:   Quanta  
Program_Version:        4.0
Topic: simple_molecule, drug, crystal, polymer, protein, inorganic, ...
Topic: Small molecule, drug design, protein, polysaccharide,"
Topic: nucleic acid, crystallography, NMR structure determination
Input_Format / Output_Format: PDB, XPLOR, FDAT, CCDB, MDL, 
Molecular_Model: Wire, stick, ball & stick, CPK, ribbon, alpha-carbon
Molecular_Model: mixed (all of the above in a single picture), Ray Trace
Output_Type: display Postscript, HPGL
Operating_System: Unix    
Computer_Type: IBM RS/6000, SGI Indigo,  All SGI's; DEC; HP7xx; IBM RS/6000      
Hardware_Requested: dials, coprocessor, ...    (none)
Hardware_Supported: Dials&Buttons, Spaceball
Hardware_Supported:  Stereo (side_by_side, internal, StereoGraphics)
Graphic_Library: GL      
Distribution_Method:  commercial, academic
Contact_Affiliation:            Molecular Simulations Inc.
Contact_Name:   Cathy Terwedow; Marketing Manager
Contact_Phone:  (617) 229-9800  
Contact_Fax:    (617) 229-9899  
Contact_Email:  support at msi.com 

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