mike carson carson at luna.cmc.uab.edu
Mon Nov 8 09:06:54 EST 1993

Program_Name:   Ribbons
Program_Version: 2.2
Program_Date: Sept93
Topic: molecular display of simple_molecules, proteins, nucleic acids.
Bibliographic_Ref:  J.Appl.Cryst.(1991) 24:958-961.
Input_Format: PDB
Output_Format: RGB images
Molecular_Model: stick, ball_and_stick, CPK, ribbons
Output_Type: SGI *.rgb format (can convert to many others).
Operating_System: Unix
Computer_Type: SGI,  ESV
Hardware_Requested: at least 8-bit color
Hardware_Supported: stereo_display, ...
Graphic_Library: GL, PEX
Distribution_Method: commercial through university
Ftp_Site:       iris.cmc.uab.edu
Ftp_Directory:  guest/ribbons
Price_Academic: $200
Price_Private: $1200
Contact_Affiliation:  UAB Center for Macrolmolecular Crystallography
Contact_Name:   Mike Carson
Contact_Phone:  205-934-1983
Contact_Fax:    205-934-0480
Contact_Email:  carson at luna.cmc.uab.edu

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