Egbert Keller kell at sun1.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Nov 10 03:49:31 EST 1993

Program_Name:         SCHAKAL ("jackal")
Program_Version:      SCHAKAL 92
Program_Date:         March 1992
Topic:                molecules, crystal sections + surfaces
Topic:                "realistic" shading incl. highlights + shadows
Topic:                (depth dependent) lightness + pseudo-transparency
Topic:                automatic labelling of atoms, broken bonds
Bibliographic_Ref:    E. Keller, J. Appl. Crystallogr. 22, 19 (1989)
Input_Format:         atom names + coordinates, (symmetry), SHELX
Output_Format:        atom names + coordinates
Molecular_Model:      wire, ball_and_stick, CPK
Output_Type:          8 bit (256 colours) display, HPGL, HP L.Jet III
Computer_Type:        DOS PC, IBM RS/6000, SGI IRIS + Indigo
Computer_Type:        DECstation, (VAXstation)
Operating_System:     MSDOS, UNIX
Hardware_Requested:   PC: 386/387, 486, VGA or extended VGA
Hardware_Supported:   HP LaserJet III printer or fully compatible
Graphic_Library:      UNIX: GL, X11
Distribution_Method:  commercial
Price_Academic:       DM 600-750 (PC), DM 1200 (UNIX)
Price_Private:        DM 1200-1500 (PC), DM 2400 (UNIX)
Contact_Affiliation:  Kristallogr. Inst. der Universitaet
Contact_Affiliation:  Hebelstr. 25, D-79104 Freiburg, Germany
Contact_Name:         Dr. E. Keller
Contact_Phone:        +49-761-203-6438
Contact_Fax:          +49-761-203-6434
Contact_Email:        KELL at sun1.ruf.uni-freiburg.de

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